"SMOOTHLINE INDUSTRIES", developing inks for sketch pens, fine liners, and all kinds of writing instruments.

Founded in 1944 by Babubhai S. Shah, as a family concern, indenting and marketing in the line of writing instruments; manufacturing fountain pens and nibs. Reincarnated in 1973 as Smoothline Industries".

Manish Shah, elder son of Babubhai Shah, contributed significantly, through extensive research for years. Smoothline Industries has developed inks for all types of writing instruments and much more, and has given the Indian market a new direction, cutting down costs, and establishing international standards.

In the 28 years of its existence Smoothline Industries, with help of Falgun B. Shah younger son of
Babubhai S. Shah, has established itself as a significant player in the Indian ink market.

Our Vision:
To strive for the betterment of the whole writing instruments industry.

Our Usp:
Our ability to provide tailor-made, specialty and reserved inks of exceptional quality.


Our Customers include Major Branded Pen manufacturers, to mention a few are Cello, Lexi, Montex, Reynolds, Faber Castell, Add, Rotomac, Saber, Flair, Ritter, Rover, Stic, etc

  Gel Pen Inks
  Sketch Pen Ink available in 12 colours (concentrated products also available)
  Roller Pen Inks available in Blue, Black, Red , green and Royal Blue colour.
  Free flow ink system available in Blue, Black, Red , green and Royal Blue colour.

Flip Char Marking Inks

  Premium Quality water Color Pen Inks ( Suitable for Flexible Brush Pens)
  Stamp Pad Inks
  Ball Pen Inks
  Permanent Marker Inks
  White Board Inks


10, Satyam Industrial Annex,
Govandi Station Road
Mumbai 400 088.

Fax:- +91-22-2556 8088
Email:- smoothline@mtnl.net.in
Website:- www.smoothlineinks.com

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